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Banking Details for Deposits

Account Holder: Lowe Trade and Investments (Pty) Ltd

FNB note
Account Number: 62393208840
Branch Main Branch (281467)

FNB: Email or fax your proof of payment if your deposit is P100 or less. Why?

Deposit Reference: Use only either your Member ID, or the cellphone number that you use to log in. Please do NOT include ANY other text, such as your name, etc, as this WILL delay processing of your deposit. Why?

Buy/Sell Prepaid Airtime and Electricity

Lowe Prepaid is an on-line service to buy and sell prepaid vouchers (such as prepaid airtime and prepaid electricity) at a discount. You can also transfer funds from your Lowe Prepaid to other registered members. consumers who want to purchase prepaid airtime and electricity vouchers for themselves at a discount, or for any reseller who wants to make money by reselling prepaid airtime and electricity vouchers, or for someone who wants to become an agent to sign up other consumers or resellers and earn passive income from their sales. read more

You can use Lowe Prepaid from your cellphone, personal computer, or, for resellers with high turnover, a Point-of-Sale terminal. read more

Click here to learn how to start, or complete the registration form and follow the instructions from there.

Tel: 3931445
Fax: 3931445

BPC helpdesk: 3603215